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First Lesson for Clarinet Players

2017-01-02 21:31:21 songsofswallows

Are you a clarinet enthusiast? Do you want to master the skills as a beginner and turn from an amateur to an expert? Well, to achieve this, you need to have the right resources and information. It is for this reason that I have flexed muscles and delved into the topic in order to bring you a comprehensive and thorough guide on First Lesson for Clarinet Players. In order to make it extensive and helpful to you, I have broken it down into sections. And yes, I will attempt to dissect and inspect every section in totality leaving no stone unturned. In fact, I will attempt to explore each stage from the general instructions to the crucial requirements and the technical information. Let’s kick off by defining what a clarinet is.

What is a clarinet? Starting the discussion from this point will form a strong base for a proper understanding of the entire topic. A clarinet is basically a woodwind musical instrument that produces pure sounds. And yes, it can produce arguably the highest number of pitches. Now, how do you start off as a beginner in this lucrative industry?


your very first clarinet lesson1. Get the right clarinet.

The first step as a beginner is to get an appropriate instrument based on the use you want to put it to. As a beginner, you need to ensure that you start off with a plastic clarinet. This is because wooden clarinets are harder to maintain.

2. Learn the parts.

After acquiring the best and most appropriate clarinet for your use, you can now try to learn the parts. In fact, identifying their names is quite awesome in order to be able to play it accordingly.

3. Assemble it appropriately.

In order to have a fully functional clarinet, you need to know how to assemble it. To achieve this, you need to place the reed between the mouthpiece and the ligature with the flat part facing inside. Care should be taken to avoid losing the screws. And yes, you will also need to be gentle to avoid over-tightening the screws as you assemble the instrument.

4. Learn how to hold the clarinet in the right position.

This is quite crucial. When you are using a clarinet, the position you hold it goes a long way in to determine how effective and great it sounds. It should be held away from your body at a 45-degree position. And yes, the clarinet should come to your mouth on that angle. With your right hand at the bottom stack and the thumb at the thumb-rest, your left hand ought to be placed on the top stack with the thumb on the octave key at the back of your clarinet. And your fingers ought to be close to the openings in order to control the tones produced.

5. Wet the reed.

You will need to wet the reed if you want to have desirable results.


Now that you have learned the instrument, you need to work on how to play a note using this instrument. To play a note, you need to;

1. Put it in your mouth properly.

To put it in your mouth properly requires you to keep your jaws flat with your teeth firmly planted on your mouthpiece. Secondly, you will also need to ensure a great embouchure.

2. Seal the corners of your mouth around the mouthpiece.

This is in order to ensure that no air escapes. This way, you can produce the best sound.

3. Try to achieve a good tone.

With your mouth in the right position, you should try to get a good tone by blowing the clarinet with varying blowing strengths.

4. Keep your cheeks tight.

You also need to ensure that your cheeks are tight if at all you want to achieve desirable results.

5. Keep trying numerous tones.

It is only by trying that you can achieve the best tone. You should not give up even if the tone doesn’t come out at first.

After you have tried the two steps, you now need to get a clarinet fingering chart as well as a guide book. These are two important tools you need in order to master your clarinet and sharpen your skills. Hiring an instructor could do as well if at all you want to master the skills fast. Once you have the chart, you can master scales and arpeggios then later try to master some songs. This way, you will be in the right direction to becoming a successful clarinet player.

Armed with this information, I believe it is time you took a step forward. You could even join a band and grow your skills together.


Starting With Your Very First Drum Lesson

2017-01-02 21:24:45 songsofswallows

First Drum LessonYour first music lesson will help you prepare for real musical success. This is not a skill that you will outgrow, and the potential for learning many other things because of your newfound knowledge is high. Bringing an instrument into your life as a child or an adult is a wonderful gift.The very first drum lesson in the life of a student is much imperative.

Since there are no age requirements when it comes to learning how to play an instrument, all you need is the desire, a good teacher, and the commitment to practice time. Your training schedule should be daily and often reflects an hour for every scheduled session. This helps you master the new material so that you do not have to repeat it the next time you meet.  We recommend picking up some sticks before you get started.

What You Can Expect for Your Drum Teacher

Each instructor will have their set of preferences. You are likely to spend one hour practicing for every lesson. If you meet with your teacher once per week, then you will be practicing about an hour every day. If you have two times every week that you meet with your teacher, then you can expect to have two hours of daily practice on your drum set. This is to ensure that the material you are learning registers and allows you to move ahead.

Most people start to feel frustrated when they do not feel as though they are moving forward with their progress. The simplest way to avoid this is to make sure you are putting in the appropriate amount of time practicing. It is more important that you master the material than set a stopwatch during drum practice.

A high-quality instructor will be dedicated to making sure that you will have very sound foundational skills. These basics are the most important part of learning how to play any instrument. Musical ability requires a commitment even when you have a natural talent. The more your instructor insists that you have learned the basics before allowing you to proceed the better you will be. If you have a high-quality teacher, you will be able to trust the guidance that is offered and take it on as your responsibility to make sure you follow through.

First Steps to Take As A Drummer

Beginners are often anxious to play the tunes that inspired them to pick up an instrument in the first place. While it can initially seem like it takes a long time to work toward that goal, once you have the basics completely down the process of moving forward will go much faster.

Combining the skills of a great teacher and the active practice time you need is an excellent recipe for success. The more you want to be proficient at an instrument, the easier it is to schedule the practice time and follow through with your intentions.  This is why having a practice pad is so important.

Remember that you should be setting your musical endeavor up for success from your first drum music lesson and beyond. Ask questions to make sure you know you understand assignments, always be on time and ready to play, and practice when you get home. You can enjoy the great benefits of learning to play an instrument provided you can remain dedicated to the learning process.

Video on Your First Drum Beat:


Teaching Children How to Sing

2017-01-01 02:06:56 songsofswallows

Teaching children how to sing is not hard, as all you have to get is the right information at the right time. Children are a source of pleasure for most of us, and they can sing very well. You will learn some amazing things in this article that will allow you to teach any kid how to sing over time. So read on just to discover more information.

Teaching Children How To Sing Better

The Basics Of Learning Singing

Before starting to sing, make sure you have the correct posture. Your back should be straight all times as well and be sure your body is not learned to any side. Breathing from your diaphragm is something that you need to master right away. Don’t take air from your chest and, instead, take it from the diaphragm. Now, you have to open your vowels. Say “uh” or “ah” right away so you can master this part of the game. Separate your soft palette from your tongue so you can achieve your goal. Now, try saying the famous A-E-I-O-U.

Tilting your beautiful chin down is what you need to do now. Your chin should be pointed down if you are just trying to get some power or singing some higher notes. Extending your vocal range is something that you need to do right now. Makes sure you have a proper resonance of the voice. You need to know how to transition between your different voice areas. This will allow you to improve how you sing down the road as well. Drinking some water is also a good idea, so you need to do it right away. You can also drink any unsweetened beverage.

Exercising the Voice

You also need to practice some exercises on a daily basis. This will allow you to properly train your voice over time. To enhance your voice, you have to develop some muscle as soon as possible. Practicing humming is also a good idea. You must also say “hmm” like you don’t believe someone. Do trills as soon as you can. You need to blow air just through the lips, which causes the lips to vibrate and flap. Keeping your larynx steady is also important. This is important when you are trying just to hit some high notes.

Building Confidence

If you are alone, you can try to build some confidence. Singing at home will allow you to build that confidence. Try to step out of any kind of comfort zone you have in your mind. You can also sing in front of any friend or family members, as this will allow you to learn new singing skills over time. Singing in your community is also a great idea, as this will allow you to build even more confidence. Going to a karaoke is also very good for you, and this will give you more confidence over time.
As you could see, teaching a kid how to sing is not hard. You need to start out by teaching a kid the basics of the game. For instance, the right position is paramount when it comes to singing properly these days as well. So what are you going to do? Just teach a kid how to sing today and have a blast.

Video On Teaching Kids to Sing:


Music Teachers for Third World Countries

2015-04-28 17:25:29 songsofswallows

Helping Third World Countries Develop Music

Please help support this cause to help people in third world countries.  There are so many people in Africa that would like to play and have a love of music, you can find out more here.


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