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First Lesson for Clarinet Players

Are you a clarinet enthusiast? Do you want to master the skills as a beginner and turn from an amateur to an expert? Well, to achieve this, you need to have the right resources and information. It is for this reason that I have flexed muscles and delved into the topic in order to bring […]

Starting With Your Very First Drum Lesson

Your first music lesson will help you prepare for real musical success. This is not a skill that you will outgrow, and the potential for learning many other things because of your newfound knowledge is high. Bringing an instrument into your life as a child or an adult is a wonderful gift.The very first drum […]

Teaching Children How to Sing

Teaching children how to sing is not hard, as all you have to get is the right information at the right time. Children are a source of pleasure for most of us, and they can sing very well. You will learn some amazing things in this article that will allow you to teach any kid […]

Music Teachers for Third World Countries

Helping Third World Countries Develop Music Please help support this cause to help people in third world countries.  There are so many people in Africa that would like to play and have a love of music, you can find out more here.