Songs of Swallows

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Songs of Swallows

Colten at PianoHey guys, my name is Colten Matthews and I love sad songs and anything classical or big band.  I made songs of swallows to share my love of music with other people and also some advice.  I have been a piano student since I was 9 and am now at the point of giving lessons to other people.  Sharing on my website has been a dream of mine.  Not only am I able to share with other people, I get to share a community with like minded people.

I have been fortunate in my own life to have access to music instructors and instruments.  I know that other people are not as fortunate and I want to offer online lessons to help people get free information about musical instruments and music theory.  Please join the community and get involved.  There are many students out there looking for a little help.

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